backyard fun


fall must be on it’s way.  slowly but surely we are having more and more weather that makes it enjoyable to be playing outside.  although at 31 weeks preggo i’m not up for running around playing kick the ball and such, i still love being outside with the family after dinner.  last night was one of those perfectly fun evenings to be out (especially since both kids napped until 5pm).

also, for any who are curious, potty training went alright yesterday.  she had an accident in the morning (luckily we were playing outside) after refusing to go on the potty several times in a row.  after that though, things went really well.  she peed in the potty 4 times between late morning and bedtime.  by bedtime she was intentionally peeing as soon as you would sit her down.  it clicked with her, and it was wonderful.  she did wet her diaper at nap, and she pooped in her nighttime diaper shortly after going to bed, but i expect that type of thing to happen for at least a while.  i am thrilled with the progress we made yesterday.  today has also gotten off to a good start.  she has peed on the potty 3 times (one time she told me she needed to!!!), and she hasn’t had any accidents!!!  i know we’ll have some ups and downs yet, but we’re off to a start which tells me it was time and she’s ready!


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