weekend pics


my camera stayed dormant this weekend, but luckily other people posted pictures on facebook which i was able to snag to share with you.

saturday 2 of our small group girls picked the kids up and took them to the zoo.  it was a great surprise date time for brad and i!  while we were wandering the mall and getting the grocery shopping done (what?  grocery shopping isn’t a date activity???), they had a great time at the zoo.

sunday was another busy day.  we skipped our first fun activity of the day because it became all to obvious that the kids both needed a decent nap, but then we headed to lincoln to get together with all of brad’s cousins.  it was a lot of fun, and we would love to be better about getting together with them more often.  again, i can’t take credit for taking any pictures, but i’m glad other’s had their cameras handy!


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