first day jitters?


if nate had first day jitters, they were hiding from me.  he was super excited about heading off to his 4 year old preschool class.  so, after a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and a shower, we headed out the door.  we of course were running a minute or two late.  we’ll have to be better about that this year since his current teacher starts right away.  it won’t be a bad habit for us to get into though with kindergarten starting for him next fall.

although he was totally un-phased by the the transition back to school, jilly was a different story.  she cried when we dropped him off and ran into the room when we went to pick him up even though we still had 10 more minutes to wait.  she was a bit off all morning without him.  although it was sad to see, i was also glad to see that she missed him since they fight so often.  next year when he heads to kindergarten all day, 5 days a week could be a shocker for her.  hopefully having baby sister around will help her with that transition.


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