baseball at the blatt


all summer nate’s been asking about going to a baseball game.  with only 4 games remaining at the blatt before they tear it down, we decided monday was the day.  we grabbed our dollar hotdogs and settled into our g-a seats.  all was great until the bottom of the third where we had 3 homeruns.  nate was totally freaked out by the fire that shot out of the top of one of the advertisements each time a homerun was scored.  that half of an inning included 11 runs scored and took probably close to 45 minutes.  we stayed for close to 2 hours of the game, but it was only the bottom of the 4th when we left.  maybe when they play at the stadium that’s being built a few miles from us, maybe they won’t include the fire shooter things.  maybe.  (we won 23-5 when it finally finished!)

on a side note, i’m typing this during naptime.  a naptime which jilly is sleeping for the first time ever in her big girl bed in her new room!!!!  she fell asleep super easy, and has not made a sound since.  hopefully putting her to bed tonight will go as smoothly . . .


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