good deals


Earlier this summer we learned, while sitting at the park just a few minutes walk from our house, that there were plans to build a splashpad next to the playground before the neighborhood is officially annexed by the city.  To say we were thrilled would be an understatement.  Free water fun within walking distance which does not require filling of a pool or any cleanup – yay!

Fast-forward to this Tuesday while Jilly and I were at our summer play-group’s last play date.  A mom I don’t know really well came.  She happens to live in the neighborhood which HOA is taking on this project.  She told me that grading the land was suppose to begin this fall, and construction would take place next spring.  All of that means it should be up and running by next summer!!!!  She also offered to send me the plans and some pictures of what it will look like.  To say I was eager to check my email later that day would be a huge understatement.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to:

Here’s how close it is:

(our house is where the purple marker is and the splash pad will go in where the red marker is)

We’re pretty excited about the good deal we didn’t know we were getting when we decided where we wanted to move last fall.  We already love where we live, but next summer we’ll love it even more!

To top off the good deals, I love Target at this time of year.  Such good deals.  I got Nate 2 bathing suits to be used regularly at our splashpad (and anywhere else he’d need them) for $3.48 a piece.  If I find another I like for that cheap, I might just pick him up a third!


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