family fun fridays


we love fridays.

because brad works sundays, he’s able to take fridays as a day off.  most of the time over the past 4+ years he’s been at kok we use them to get things done that must get done.  it’s all good and well meaning, but it usually is more focused on brad and i than on the kids or family.  we’ve decided that with less than a year until we lose nate’s ability to be around on fridays due to kindergarten, fridays need to be more family focused.  our prayer is that God will provide inexpensive ways for us to do something special with the kids each/most fridays.

with brad having only been once this summer, myself twice, and the kids 4 times, we decided it was time for a family trip to the zoo.  when talking with jilly yesterday about our trip, i asked her what she wanted to see at the zoo.  her response was, “monkeys, ooo-ooo-aaa-aaa!, tigers, and bears!”  we were able to see a ton of monkeys, the tigers (including the new baby), and we promised to see the bears in a few weeks when we hope to go back.  nate’s request was to see the giraffe and to go through the aquarium, both of which we did.

we took a ton of pictures.  the zoo is one of my favorite places to pull out my long lens (thanks for the hand-me-down, mom and dad!) and take closer up shot of animal.  we also got some good shots of all of us too.

{we started our zoo time with a trip through the jungle in order to see lots of monkeys.}

{for once jilly was not in a “take my picture” mood.  probably because it was close to naptime by the time we got to the zoo.}

{nate thought about following brad and jilly, but opted to go around the other way with me.}

{i didn’t even realize until we got home that these guys have a baby between them!}

{this would be when i switched from my regular lens to my long one.}

{love those eyes!}

{. . . and this is what happens when your husband asks to take pictures for a while. . .}

{more giraffe butt!  oh, yeah and me with the kids.}

{we forgot to grab him a map which made him rather upset, but he always checked these maps each time he saw one.}

{more monkeys for jilly.}

{running.  gotta catch up with daddy and nate.}

{the older of the two gorilla babies – so cute!}

{this litte gal has only been out on exhibit for two weeks.  i was super excited to get to see her while she was still so small.}

{apparently jilly’s bow was mistaken for a flower by this butterfly who hitched a ride on her bow for quite a while.}

{did i mention that it was a perfect day for the zoo?  low 70s, sunny, and breezy.  gorgeous!}

in the plans for next friday’s family fun friday:  use the free bowling passes we got at the royals game on monday evening!

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