the waiting game


just over 3 weeks left until gunther arrives, and although bags are not packed, newborn diapers are not bought, bumper pads and are not sewn back together, i could not be more ready.

is 31 (nearly 32) too young to feel too old to be pregnant.  i definitely feel this way.  maybe if it were my first pregnancy it might be different, but i just feel like my body and mind are exhausted with pregnancy.  i’m ready to feel like i can move around and play with my kids without being in pain or just too tired.

one exciting and fun thing i have accomplished is getting all of our 0-3 month clothing washed and put in gunther’s room.  i need to go through and pull out a couple of things to take to the hospital for her though.

and as much as i am a planner and love it that way, i’m kinda hoping she decides to come before our inducing date.  i want to experience that “is this it?” panic/excitement.  although i have no idea how that would play out with making arrangement for nate and jilly, we know a ton of people who would be willing to help us out i’m sure.

we’re at the point of weekly check-ups with my doctor.  as of last friday (35 weeks 2 days) i was one cm, but sweet gunther had not dropped yet.  where as 1 cm doesn’t seem like a lot when you’re ready to be done, i know i have pass 1 to get to the finish line.  if she does decide to hold out until the 13th, let’s hope the next 3 weeks fly by!!!!


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