3 weeks!!!


3 weeks from today is our big day!!!

i think i could currently live off kit-kats and perfectly ripened pears. (the only one we currently have left is not ripe yet.)

i have spent most of the past week and a half lying down to alleviate pain in my right back/side.  (today i have been mostly pain-free!!!)

our countdown chain is getting shorter and shorter!!

i’m still debating using our old fashion swaddle blankets vs. purchasing some swaddlers.

it’s probably about time i track down our carseat.

i have every intention of preregistering with our hospital later today.

i’m still desiring to find that perfect coming home outfit.  had considered ordering this with the correct initial and name, but never did.

need to come up with an idea of what gunther is going to give nate as a present.  (i think i’m going to have her give jilly a dora doll.)

i’m still very open to the idea of her deciding to come earlier than 3 weeks from today!

(apparently registering for the hospital has become a little more technical than the paper form i filled out and mailed in for naters!!!)


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