my supers


nate:  (jumping off ottoman) huh?!?!?

me:  what’s wrong, bud?

nate:  (climbing back onto ottoman) well, i know super heroes can fly.  but, i just didn’t.

what is it that is just so adorable about your kids putting on their lovely blankets to pretend to be super heroes????

(unfortunately though, this was yesterday.  today i have a green-caped super hero that has been sick to his stomach since the middle of the night.  neither he or i have had any sleep since then, and we’re both feeling the effects of exhaustion.  hopefully he can fall asleep soon and brad’s coming home from work as soon as he can today so i can get some rest.)

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  1. Yeah! I’m all caught up. You know what that means? Yep, time to get together. My deal stands for a Thursday (or even a Tuesday-if that works better). Amara has a dentist appointment at 1:00, so maybe a morning gig this week? Let me know if I can help you out somehow or if you want to get together. Saw cute Jilly on the bus this Sunday. You must have decided to wait another year for Lambs. Asa seems to be enjoying it. He cries when we drop him off and again when we pick him up-he doesn’t want to leave. He didn’t want to leave church today when my Mom and he dropped Amara off for preschool. You going to go to the Children’s Museum field trip? I think I’m going to meet the classes there since it’s close to work. I know new baby girl will be brand new then, so maybe not. Wow, I have lots of questions and things to talk about. I could keep typing all night. So we’ll just have to get together soon.

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