the big day


Honestly, this post is mostly for me.  Most of you probably won’t stick with reading it from start to finish, but I want it written so I remember how the day of Laurel’s birth went.  With Jilly I blogged several times through out the day to say how things were going, but I did all of my updating on facebook this time around.

We got to the hospital right on time for our 7:15 am check in.  To say that they had expanded the L&D floor since we had Jilly would be an understatement.  It was way bigger.

8:22am on fb:  “at lakeside, hooked up to pitocin, hating my iv, excited about the day ahead!!!”

After going through the routine questions, all of which I had already answered over the phone, things got rolling.  My least favorite part of the day is always getting the iv put in.  That day was no exception.  Not only did it hurt, I bled all over my hand.  As much as I was unhappy with the iv, it was necessary for the pitocin, and I was definitely ready to get that rolling.

11:50am on fb:  “enjoying epidural bliss”

I didn’t last as long as in the past with getting the epidural.  I had every intention of getting one, but I usually try to wait as long as I can.  My tolerance has apparently decreased though.  I have no clue how epidurals work, but I know that this was by far my strongest epidural of the 3.  I would almost say it was too strong.  I kept feeling like my feet were falling off  the sides of the bed, but I couldn’t lift them to move them where I wanted.

2:38pm on fb:  “gunther is apparently in no rush, it’s slow going here, but hopefully things will pick up soon”

At this point, I was getting tired and feeling a bit frustrated.  I had started the day at about 2 and had only made it to not quite 4 at this point.  I was ready for some speedier progress.  One of my nurses moved me into the throne position to see if that would speed things up.  I spent just over an hour like that before she returned and asked if I was ready to lie back down.  I was more than ready.

This is where things got a little crazy for me.  I had gotten to 7, but Gunther’s heart rate was not reading well.  I was rolled to one side with no luck, and then to the other side with still no luck for a better read.  (Remember I’m not only 9 months preggo, but I also have zero feeling in my lower half.)  Being told to roll from side to side was stressing me out.  My other nurse called the nurse working with me to see what was going on.  The nurse in the room decided to attach a heart monitor to Gunther’s head.  Then she was putting oxygen on me.  All of the time, I’m starting to worry about why all this fuss was necessary since nothing like this  had ever been necessary with Nate or Jilly.  My other nurse came in the room, and made the comment “you did the internal monitor?  how’d you know how to do that?”  The reply was, “We practiced on oranges in class.”  Okay, worrying me is now in tears freaking out, not only is no one explaining what was going on, but apparently I have a newbie nurse doing all of this.  The more experienced nurse then started to explain that Gunther’s heart rate had started to drop and they needed to get it back up.  Also my blood pressure, which is always really low, had dropped.  They were going to give me meds to raise my blood pressure, and it would hopefully bring her heart rate up.  Luckily it worked, and things calmed down.  All of that took place in about a 10-15 minute time frame at the beginning of which I was at 7.  By the end of that time I was at a full 10.

5:20pm on fb:  “god has blessed us greatly with laurel jane knorr!  7lb 3.5oz, 20.5″, 4:30pm”

Less than 3 pushes during one contraction, and I was holding Laurel Jane.  She got an 8 and 9 on her apgars.  Although Brad put 4:30 on fb for me, it was actually 4:26pm.  It took a good 3 hours after that before my epidural had worn off enough for the nurses to trust moving me to a wheelchair so we could be in a postpartum room.

The past week and a half have been spent falling in love with our littlest.  We’ve survived the biggers having major colds and keeping them from littlest.  We also survived the jaundice roller coaster.  I’m still navigating the hormonal roller coaster, but I’m truly appreciating it being the weekend and having Brad here.  I’ll get back in the swing of sharing more pictures, but we’re currently still adjusting to our new normal.


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