playing catch-up


I use to have a no blogging on the weekends rule, but it currently seems there no time for blogging unless Brad is home to distract the biggers.  So far I’ve been a bad picture taker.  It just happens to not cross my mind until we’re winding up another day, and I’ve not taken any.  I know I’ll get better with time though.

{she doesn’t take it often, but feel necessary to hang on tight when she does use the paci}

{Brad’s parents came to meet her last Sunday, and she was happy to cuddle with both of them.}

{she’s figuring out this thumb thing pretty well, but again usually is peaceful enough to not need it.}

{the biggers (my new nick-name for them) went from oct 13 to the 23rd not getting to hold Laurel and pretty much only getting to touch her feet.  to say they were excited when I asked if they wanted to hold her, would be a huge understatement.}

{first bathtub bath}

{playtime earlier today}

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