we’re nearly to the 4 week mark, and i still think she’s perfect.

one thing i noticed with during my pregnancy with jilly laurel (how often until i stop doing that?) was how often parents of 3 or more like to share what their hardest transition was – from one to two kids or going from two to three kids.  most seem to agree though that anything beyond three isn’t too much of a transition since you’re use to being out numbered.  i guess now that we are in the 3 kids boat, i can have my chance to weigh in on the topic.  i’d say for myself, and i think brad would agree, although it’s much more work to have three kids, the transition from one to two was harder than two to three.  i attribute it to the very easy-going nature of laurel.  she’s so laid back, and still sleeps a ton.  we’ve never had a kid sleep as much or as well as she does.  it’s truly a blessing we thank the Lord for regularly.

if i didn’t have to survive pregnancy once more in order to have another child, i’d say we could probably handle a fourth, but i can guarantee you i have ZERO!!! desire to be pregnant ever again.


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