family fun fridays 11.5.10


we’ve been unable to make good on our intentions of doing a fun family activity every friday as i survived the last few weeks of pregnancy and then we adjusted to the first few weeks of having 3 kids to keep up with, but hopefully this past friday was the start up of our family fun fridays again.

we decided that with winter just around the corner, we’d better head out to waco and see brad’s grandparents.  it’s hard to do much planned traveling here in the winter since you never know when more snow is going to fall.

it was a lot of fun to go out there.  it was the best that we’d seen Grandpa looking in quite a while since our recent trips to see him have been when he’s been in the hospital or just out of the hospital.  both biggers totally clammed up when we walked in the door, but jilly warmed up as soon as she had pizza in front of her and nate once the table tennis game was brought up from the basement.



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