laurel @ one month


brad and i were just commenting earlier today about how time has definitely sped up since adding a third kid to the family.  it’s amazing that saturday marked laurel turning one month old.  as i’ve done with each kid, i want to keep track of what the norm was at each month during the first year.  so, here goes:

  • sleeps a ton.  usually she has two periods a day which are her awake times and sleeps the rest of the time.  we always try to have the second awake time be from about 7:30-9:30pm so she is tired before bedtime.
  • nurses every 3 hours except for having one 4-6 hour stretch at night which we greatly appreciate.  she had her first bottle sunday, and she did great with it!  yay!!
  • i’ve been terrible about remembering to do tummy time.  my goal is to get in a better routine of doing tummy time for a while during both of her awake periods.
  • poops non-stop!!!  (i assume i’d better not elaborate.)
  • is what is called a “happy spitter”.  she usually has a major projectile style spit up every 2-4 days.  since she doesn’t scream and arch along with all of her spitting though, it’s not considered reflux and we just get to wait for her to outgrow it.
  • would love to know her weight, but we haven’t had a reason to go by the doctor’s office (which is probably a good thing).
  • takes the paci a lot more now, but is not nearly as dependent on it as i remember the other two being.
  • loves, loves, loves to curl and and cuddle in anyone’s arms.

{laurel, 1 month}

{jilly, 1 month}

{nate, 1 month}



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