tummy time


before i talk about what was going on here let me just comment about jilly’s hair.  i had just gotten each kid dressed and had not made it to fixing hair yet.  i’m sure if you could see nate’s it too would be going in every direction.

when jilly was a baby she absolutely loathed being on her tummy.  she couldn’t spend 2 seconds on her tummy without a huge screaming fit.  i hardly put her on her tummy because the screaming was too much.  she took forever to roll over, but it doesn’t seem to have had any long term negative effects.

i’ve had the hardest time remembering to do tummy time with laurel.  i can’t do it right after she eats because her tummy is way to sensitive.  usually by the time i think we’re safe from spit up, she’s passed out.  my goal is to have her do tummy time during both of her “longer” awake times each day.  Truthfully though, we usually do it once every 3 to 4 days.

the other day i asked nate if he would help me.  as usual he was more than willing to help since it had to do with laurel.  i asked if he would help her with her tummy time.  he was super cute about it.  he kept encouraging her and telling her things like, “see laurel.  do this.  just lift your head like me.  it’s not hard.  you can do it!”  so precious.


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