laurel @ 2 months


today marks the 2 month mark of welcoming our sweet littlest to our family.  brad and i continue to be amazed and thankful to God for being blessed with such an easy baby (not that the other 2 were bad).

here’s what currently going on:

  • sleeps through the night most nights (from 10pm until anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30am)
  • just in the past few days spending more time awake during the day rather than just 2 short awake periods
  • does most of her sleeping in her crib rather than our room
  • nurses 6 times a day generally
  • beginning to notice and engage with her toys
  • huge smiles
  • lots of cooing
  • too many dirty diapers a day!
  • fighting off her first ear infection

she is totally starting to let her sweet, lovable personality show.  she loves both nate and jilly a lot, but she seems especially drawn to nate.  she loves to lie and stare at him.

her hair is still dark, but i wonder if it will lighten with time like nate’s did.  her eyes seem to be showing more signs of being blue rather than turning brown as nate’s did over time.

we go in friday morning for our weight check and 2 month check up.  fully clothed and diapered she was 11lb 6oz when i took her in for her ear infection this past friday.



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