snow sliding


starting sometime during the night between saturday and sunday the snow started.  it continued through sunday and most of monday.  once it was all said and done the measurement fell somewhere around 8 inches.

since we’ve been lucky (at least in my opinion) to only get very minor and minimally accumulating snows so far this winter, the kids were super excited to bel able to get outside and play in it.  i told them that as soon as laurel was tired and ready for her morning nap we would head out.  they then spent the next half hour asking her if she was tired yet.  eventually she tired of mr. bluebird and headed to her crib for a snooze.

the snow shovels continue to be a big hit.  we’ll have to pick up another eventually as we only have 4 and next winter we’ll probably be needing one for laurel to also play with.  nate is already showing some good scooping skills and has promise of soon being relied on to do some real shoveling for us.  yay!  🙂  jilly more prefers the free-style method which involves more snow moving around than removal.  we’ll give her a couple of years though to show some progress.  😉

nate’s biggest request for playing in the snow was to build a “snow slide”.  he must still have a picture in his mind of what he saw at his friends eli and hunter’s house last winter.  although i think their was a little bigger with several blizzards worth of snow we got last winter, nate was thrilled with what we built him.

although, i was thinking like a 5 foot long slide, brad took a break from working at home to help make it “a little bit longer”.  the sled brad’s parents got nate when he was only 8 months old still seems to come in handy.

it’s way to cold today and for the next few thanks to winds that showed up yesterday evening, but hopefully by this weekend the temps will be a little high and the winds will disappear so we can enjoy some more.

(and then it will hopefully all melt before we get more so don’t go into my winter hating funk.)


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