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we have had a lot of fun over the past few years having dinner every so often with one of the families we know through king of kings and student edge.  i was trying to tell nate last monday morning where we were going for dinner that night.  he just wasn’t getting it until i told him we were going to the house with the puppet shows.  from that moment on he was ready to head out the door and over to their place.  last monday was no exception in the puppet show department.  nate and later on jilly both got to help.  as soon as i make it back to hobby lobby, my goal is to make a puppet show curtain for one of our doorways.  we’ve also been collecting all the puppets we have around the house.  we’ve come across 5, but look forward to one day maybe having a collection which rivals the wolcotts!



bow board


when jilly was born, we were given a bow board as a gift from a good friend.  it matches our nursery bedding which made me extra happy when we found out we were expected another girl for kid #3.  it also made me decide that i would have to buy or make jilly a new one to match her big girl room at some point.  that point has definitely come as i’ve learned how to make my own hair bows and the original bow board is maxed out.  after months of good intentions, i started getting the materials needed to make this project a reality last week.  with brad gone all day today, i decided to give it a try.  i’m so excited with how it turned out.  i still need to pick up some more ribbon to wrap around the outer edge and another ribbon to make a hanger for it with.  i love figuring out how to do this kind of stuff!!!

cupcake shirts


jilly’s shirt is pictured in the post below, and i just now finished laurel’s.  granted the idea is for them to be able to wear them on their birthday and those are still 6+ months away for both girls.  jilly will probably wear hers between now and then just in case she has outgrown it by her 3rd birthday in august.  laurel has a little bit of growing to do between now and her birthday in order to be able to wear hers.  let’s just hope i guess right size-wise.

(the hair bow i made which inspired me to attempt the shirts – so glad i did!!!)

make up your own stories



i hate falling behind on here.

there are several pictures and stories to share, but i’ve blogged so little lately it leaves me in the “do i backtrack or start from today” battle.

three, kids that is, is definitely keeping me busy.  i’m looking forward to naters turning 5 in a little more than a month.  it sounds a little less insane to have a 5 year old, 2 year old and baby.

okay, i’m thinking i’ll share a few of my favorite recent pictures and possibly spare you the stories that go along with them (feel free to make up your own stories  though).  and of course i’ll make promises, which i will likely not follow through on, to be much better about blogging from here on out!  😉

laurel jane @ 4 months


4 months old already!!!

our sweet laurel is growing and learning as we’ve now hit the 1/3 of a year mark.  in the past month she has learned to do more rolling.  she can pretty easily go from tummy to back when she wants.  sometimes though she prefers to just cry herself to freedom as she has learned her big brother has a soft spot for helping her.  she also has rolled from her back to tummy once, but she is still holding out on a repeat performance.  she still loves to sleep quite a bit.  her love of sleeping though is being thrown off a bit by having to give up the swaddler now that she is 4 months. she definitely misses it!  (me too!!!)  she has definitely figured out who is holding her – or at least if it’s not mom or dad.  she still feeds 5-6 times a day and takes a bottle when necessary which is usually about 5 times a week.  everything was perfect at her 4 month check up.  she was 13 lb 2 oz and 24 inches long.  All of her stats landed her in the 36-39th percentile which is a first for our children.  Nate was actually a few ounces shy of 4 pounds heavier than her at this exact same age.  crazy how different they can be.  i have to say though, it is nice to have a child who fits in clothes easily (crowbar not necessary to put pants on) and stays in a size for longer than 2 months!  she is figuring out how to hold toys and move them into her mouth.  she also has given up pooping.  yup.  i can count on one hand how many times she has pooped in the past 4 1/2 weeks.  as long as she goes or we force her to go every 10 days the doc says we’re ok.  it’s just because breast milk is almost totally usable for her body and leaves very little extra left over.  part way through last week she also discovered that she is in control of her “talking” volume which is totally adorable.