Daily Archives: Thursday, March 3, 2011

“those my bir-day cookies, mommy!”


when i spent most of december sick with sinus and throat stuff, i got pretty frustrated with not getting to make christmas cookies.  i ended up feeling well enough right beforehand to make one batch of my all time favorites, but that was it.  somehow though this ended up being a blessing in disguise.

how many of us really need to feel obligated to eat 14,000 different types of christmas cookies all before they spoil?  but it’s impossible to not feel that it’s a burden we must bear when cookies becoming stale is a real risk.

so, i decided in january i would make a batch of what would normally christmas-time cookies each month.  it would also serve as an opportunity to make cookies with the kids once a month since part of my deal with myself was that they would help.  they LOVE to help with cooking anything, and i figured making cookies with mom once a month would be a good memories.

i put off february cookies the entire month, and i finally figured i just wasn’t going to make any.  then monday happened.  i am very protective of naptime.  naptime for the kids means i finally get some me-time.  so when jilly came down the stairs sooner than i expected monday, i figured i had two choices.  i could either get frustrated and take it out on her – leaving neither of us happy.  or, we could make cookies.  i decided to go the cookie route.

it was wonderful, and i’m so glad we made them.  nate got up shortly after jilly and i started.  he let her and i make the dough and then nate and jilly took turns rolling the balls in the cinnamon/sugar.  much to my surprise they never fought once over taking turns and sharing the bowl back and forth.

and now we have delicious snickerdoodles to eat!

and jilly got a half-birthday cookie treat!  2 1/2 years old!!!