the swings are hung!


it became evident very quickly that one big kid swing for a 2.5 year old and an almost 5 year old was not going to cut it.  after kindergarten roundup last friday (more on that at some point soon), we made a quick dash over to pick up a second one.  everyone having their own swing is definitely the way to go.

i apologize for the terrible shadowy pictures, can’t move the house to get rid of the shadows though.  (c0uple more weeks and the shadows will be different – thank goodness!)

{a swing for everyone!}

{smiley swinging}

{buried swinging}

{circle swinging}

{our neighbor’s dog who i’m pretty sure is going to quickly be joining us for backyard fun.}

{just another one from yesterday i thought was worth sharing}

(gave up fb for lent, but this will auto-feed onto fb.  if you’re reading it there and want to comment, click on the link which takes you to the actual blog and leave the comment there so i can read it before april 24th!)



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