playdate full of cousins


when chatting with brad’s sister, ann, after worship yesterday morning, i learned she and the kids are on spring break this week.  i was super excited to hear this because it had been since christmas day since we’d had them over to play.  (way too long since they live a whole 7 minutes away!)  today was the day which worked best for both her and i so we gave it a shot.  after about 20 minutes of total mom-clinging shyness, the triplets came out of their shells, and we had a good time playing.  it was going so well that after playing in the living room, then the basement, we decided to extend and throw in lunch.  after lunch nate was wanting everyone to go outside – so we did.  naptime snuck up on us way to fast, but with evening plans it’s a must have today.  we look forward to hopefully many more of these playdates this summer when ann is out of school!

and with that last shot – i think we’re gonna head to nap!


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