my girl


okay, so i edit about 0.0003 percent of pictures i take.  first because of time, and second, because i don’t have a clue what i’m doing.  i’d like to remedy this, but in the mean time i’ll be sticking with sharing my sooc (straight out of camera) pictures.

here is a picture i took late this afternoon as we played outside.  it’s of course, sooc.  and i love it!  (makes the looking like a fool, lying on my back in the grass worth it i suppose.)  not sure what i would do to change it even if had time and know how.

i’ll share a few more from this afternoon if i get to it tomorrow, but now there is a house to pick up before brad gets home from prayer.

(i might have to give up facebook more often – i’m loving being back to blogging way more!!!)


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