birthday #5 for naters


yesterday was the day we’d been anxiously counting down towards for way too long.  i had asked brad a while back if he’d consider taking the day off since next year nate will have school on his birthday.  i really wanted to make the most of this birthday since we still have him home for now.  by the end of yesterday we were all exhausted!

we started the day off at our favorite donut shop: lamar’s where nate picked a long john for himself just like his daddy always has.  in the end he offered some to jilly all on his own because he just couldn’t quite finish!

we then headed home for some present opening:

then it was off to the zoo to watch born to be wild at the imax (which was amazing and will be seen again hopefully since imax is free with our zoo membership this year) and see a few animals (although i don’t have a picture of it because i was holding laurel, nate got to pet a penguin!):

after leaving we grabbed a late lunch and headed home for some quiet time.  after quiet time nate got to try out one of his new toys and was just a little excited about it:

after a favorite dinner of tortellini with chicken, crescent rolls, and broccoli, we celebrated with chocolate chip cookies (we’ll have cake when we celebrate saturday).  we had to make due with a 4+1 candle setup since i hadn’t gotten a 5 yet:

then it was time to open presents with grammy and grandpa (my parents) over skype (gotta love technology!!!):

after all that, it was upstair for one final picture before bed and bath:

happy 5th birthday naters!  we love you and hope you had an amazing day!!!

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