laurel @ 6 months


{what?!?! i made it to six months?!?!?}

{wait, i’m not sure i understand why this is a big deal}

{forget needing to understand it, mom seems happy so i’m happy!}

official stats:

weight: 14lb 4oz (18th percentile)

height: 25 3/4 inches (52nd percentile)

head circumference: (16 1/2 inches (33rd percentile)

this is definitely one of those cases of the days often being so long, but the weeks and months passing so quickly.  it’s hard to believe that we are already at the 6 month mark.  i’m getting around to writing this almost a week late, and it seems as if she’s already changed so much in just the past 5 days!

here’s a little of what’s going on with miss laurel:

  • first things first, her hair is growing, but is way to super fine and straight to dream of holding a bow any time soon. 😦  we do occasionally go the headband route, but her head is so tiny that they often end up over her eyes or around her neck.
  • we are close to sitting up independently and are better and better every day.  this is one thing that i think makes her look so much bigger now!
  • she’s mostly sleeping through the night other than needing a paci reinserted in her mouth.
  • naps 2 to 3 times a day for totally random times.  will usually nap for at least an hour in the afternoon though which is so, so nice!
  • nurses 4x a day and gets one formula feeding in the late afternoon each day
  • has been doing rice cereal once a day for several weeks.  just started veggies 2 weeks ago, and now do 2 feedings a day which include rice cereal and veggies.
  • her babbling has suddenly increased and sounds as if she’s having a full fledged conversation with us or herself, but she’s definitely not speaking english yet 😉
  • has graduated into her 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes for length reasons.  she can easily fit waist-wise in her 3-6, but we aren’t going to go the high water route in the pants department.
  • totally unpredictable when it comes to her willingness to tolerate others holding her.  all last week she’d cry if i wasn’t holding her every waking moment even if it was brad who was trying to give me a break.  then saturday, she let several others hold her with very little protesting.
  • loves toys, and she has definitely perfected the art of getting them dropped on the floor and begging for help.
  • her favorite non-lap or arms place to be is either playing in her crib or exersaucer.

i’m sure there’s more, but laurel is now spitting up orange sweet potatoes, and jilly is coming down the stairs after finishing her 2 hour nap.  let the afternoon craziness begin!!!


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