bringing back 1987


it’s a quiet wednesday around here. with our wednesday evening activities up at kok done until fall, we have no reason to rush around or even get out of our jammies.  (we will though if we go grocery shopping this evening.)  after finishing up lunch i wanted to entertain the kids with something that would no lead to a catastrophic mess.

rewind a to this past weekend when i was scouring my teaching bins to find some floral wire i know was one time there in attempt to make a cute flower out of ribbon for the girls.  i didn’t find the wire, but i did run across my tuppertoys stencils from way back in elementary school.

i pulled them out today, and the kids had fun playing with them.  nate obviously had a better grasp on how to correctly use them, but jilly was just as happy to play around with them.

makes me smile to know that what i had so much fun with as a kid is also a lot of fun for my kids!

“take a picture of my purple pencil momma!!!  cheeeeeeeessssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee!”


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