everybody look at momma!!!


there’s something irresistible to me about trying to get the perfect picture of my children.  i guess i just love being frustrated because i know 99 out of 100 times attempting group shots of my kids leave me so super frustrated!  one thing i’ve learned over the past couple of years though is that my definition of perfect has changed.  a perfect picture used to involve all children looking straight at the camera with perfect smiles and positioned exactly as i put them.  i could totally tell you all the things about the picture below that aren’t “perfect” yet i love it.  it’s real.  there is so much of my kids’ personalities in this picture.  that’ makes it perfect!  i’m super excited to get the 8×10 free canvas print up of it i ordered right after taking it.

this boy: loves to have socks and shoes on at all times!

this girl:  loves to run barefoot in the grass!

this girl:  loves to be in her momma’s arms!


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