take me out to the ballgame


friday night we were suppose to meet up with the careys at the new ballpark for a creighton game.  laurel wasn’t acting quite right late in the afternoon and then had a massive spit up after feeding her dinner.  i was a little concerned that she might not be feeling all that great and needed to get to bed earlier than normal rather than much later.  the kids were already super excited about getting to go to the game, especially since hannah and elizabeth would be there.  i told brad to go ahead and take the kids, and i would stay home with laurel.  i made sure to ask nate to take his new camera and take lots of pictures for me.  here is a sampling of the 100+ pictures that were taken by nate and jilly that evening.  (plus a few by brad)

{waving goodbye}

{exciting neighborhood happenings – more homes going in}

{at the game and got front row seats}

{grant and carrie}


{plenty of seats to spare}

{oh yeah, and there’s a baseball game going on}

{can’t forget the need for 5 pictures of the john deere sign}

{looks like we’re winning}

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