laurel @ 7 months


eat, sleep, and play.  that’s what we do.  this is mostly just for myself since i have yet to start a baby book for laurel and getting all these blog posts printed up somehow might just serve as my way passing on a baby book to her one day.


  • nurses 4x a day and gets a 6oz bottle in the late afternoon
  • eats 2 meals a day, one consisting of rice cereal and half a containter of stage 2 veggies and the other consisting of half a jar of meat and half a container of stage 2 fruit with a little bit more rice cereal mixed in
  • not really a fan of it, but i give her a sippy cup of a tiny bit of juice mixed with a lot of water each day
  • she is capable and usually willing to hold her own bottle for her entire bottle feeding if i need her to which is a huge help some days
  • still spitting up a ton.  (thank goodness for oxyclean!)


  • naps twice a day usually for 30 to 90 minutes in the morning and again for 1 to 3 hours in the afternoon.  she’s become more consistent, but it’s still not as predictable as i’d like it to be.
  • bedtime is usually about 7:15pm, and she generally gets up around 7:30am.
  • waking in the middle of the night needing the paci has declined greatly and my sleep habits are very thankful for this!
  • she has started sleeping on her tummy and side quite a bit.
  • is generally pretty happy to play in the crib when she wakes up rather than being gotten up immediately
  • must have her little pink blanket with her when she goes to sleep.  she loves her blanket!


  • has mastered sitting on her own and loves to sit next to a basket full of toys and pull them out one at a time until it’s empty.  refill and repeat!
  • does not like to see mommy walk away when happily playing by herself.  playtime = over!
  • doesn’t seem to have a favorite toy yet
  • enjoys playing with nate and jilly as long as it’s not too crazy.
  • although she’s still cautious, she is our most “stranger”-friendly baby
  • will excitedly scoot her self backwards toward you when lying on her back (picture below)


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