maggie reese.  10 days away from her 7th birthday.  we still keep an eye on her activity due to her hip dysplasia, but she still loves to play fetch until about 14 throws after she’s reached her limit.  most recently we took her to the vet for an eye infection.  while there, i asked them about one of toe nails which way to frequently bleeds when playing fetch.  turns out it was swollen quite a bit.  after some xrays it was thought that it probably wasn’t infected, but since that is best case scenario, we are treating it with 30 days of antibiotics and hoping that it is back to normal when we head back for a follow up xray.  if it’s not better the recommended course of action, is to have her toe amputated.  i’m sure i don’t even want to know the price tag on that type of thing.  we’re just going to hope it’s all better.


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