i suppose . . .


. . . a nap is a nap no matter where it’s at.  Usually coming out of one’s room during nap time is frowned upon by this momma though.  Apparently anywhere up stairs is okay with my loving husband who sent me out this afternoon to do some fun shopping.

I was a bit confused by Nate’s comment when he came down from his quiet time shortly after I got home from my shopping.  He was upset that Jilly was up from nap before him.  We assured him that Jilly wasn’t up, but he then asked why her door was open if she wasn’t up.  Brad headed up to investigate, and found that there was no napping Jilly in her room.  But there was a napping Jilly in the glider in our room.

I guess he assumed all was well upstairs as long as the footsteps he was hearing weren’t bothering him.

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