zooing with the cousins


we usually make it to the zoo just enough times each year to come out just ahead on what we paid for our zoo pass vs. what it would have costed to go those few times.  already since the new season started in april or so we’ve made it more times than we normally make it in an entire year.  it always surprises me that the kids are anxious and excited to go yet again but glad they enjoy it so much.  we wanted to make sure we made it to the zoo with ann and the cousins at least once this summer while they are on summer break so we arranged to go this past week.

{i didn’t even realize our zoo a zebra until this year!  this was the first trip i actually remembered to go see it.}

{although jilly checked the animals, her priority was definitely flower finding.}

{this might have also been the first time i’ve ever checked out the cheetahs.}

{kara’s favorite:  bears!}

{lunchtime under the big red umbrella}


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