short but sweet visit


We are always fans of having company come visit, but we get extra excited for a visit from the Lytle gang.  We were great friends with them in our time at seminary, and although our contact is sporadic at best now, we love getting a chance to catch up with them each summer.  Due to their newest addition they skipped last summer’s trip which made us double excited for getting to seem them this year.  A lot of growing up had happened since the last time we saw their kids 2 years ago!

In the roughly 15 hours they were at our place we enjoyed every moment we had with them.  Our combined 6 kids are stair steps, but both Sara and I agree that there will be no more added steps from either of us!  It’s always such a blessing to chat with other who understand what being pastor/pastor’s wife is like.

{3 months 3 days is all that separates these two adorables}

{sweet laurel and sweet aaliyah}

{nate and zach}

{breezy and jilly}

{pictures of 6 various age kids never seem to go well for me – maybe aaron had better luck with his camera}

I can say for myself and most likely the rest of my family that we are sure hoping they stop by for a night (or more) again next summer (or sooner)!!!


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