laurel @ 9 months


An 8 month update never got written so I’ve decided that the 9 month one must get written on the day of, or it might not happen either.

Laurel has been a busy girl in the past month (or two), and here is a glimpse at what she’s learned, how she’s grown, and other notable according to me information:

Official Stats-wise:  height – 27 inches (32%tile), weight – 17 lbs 7 oz (26%tile), head circumference – 17 1/2 inches (65%tile); her jump from 18th to 26th percentile with her weight actually put a spike in her growth curve this time around.  jilly was 21 lb 14 oz and nate 22 lb 2 oz at 9 months.

Eating-wise:  We gave up nursing a couple weeks ago.  She was fighting it, and I knew she was getting nowhere near the 24 oz she was suppose to get in a day.  She now gets a combination of formula and stored milk to make it to somewhere between 20 and 24 oz a day.  She is daily becoming less and less impressed with baby food.  She normally still gets one fruit, one veggie, and half a meat each day, but she also self feeds normal food quite a bit which sometimes leads us to skip some baby food.  Her pincer grasp is really good, and she’d rather feed herself than be fed.

Sleeping-wise:  Takes 2 naps a day and sleeps from about 7pm – 6:30 or 7am

Teeth-wise:  none in the past month, but got the bottom center 2 sometime between 7 and 8 months

Mobility-wise:  She finally gave into crawling 3 days ago.  She had perfected a system of roll-and-sit to get her self from here to there, but she seems to have finally given that up.  She’s still slower at the crawling, but I know that will only last a few more days.  She’s already getting into way more than she previously had!

New Skills-wise:  We clap!  Yay!

We wave (and sometimes pair it with saying “buh, buh”).

Hair growth-wise:

Slow!  Our doctor said although it’s not always true, slower to grow hair tends to be curlier.  We’ll see if she follows in her big sister’s footsteps. . .

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s enough for now.


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