yoke neck tunic top


i’m a few creations behind in sharing here on the blog, but i want to make sure i get around to sharing them all.

i actually bought this fabric back when jilly was less than a year old.  i cut out all the pieces i needed using the pattern i bought, and was ready to dive into the world of pattern sewing.  and, then i read the first step.  i had no clue what it mean to do a gathering stitch.  i set the project aside figuring i’d get to it at some point when mom visited.  it didn’t happen.

fast-forward 2 years, and i have a renewed desire to be project-y.  i’ve begun to follow several blogs which deal with many sewing creations and also give some great step by step tutorials.  i was able to get a little over halfway through the top before i decided i needed mom’s help.

while she was here last, she worked on it some, and we were able to complete it.

here is the finished product:


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