Just say “no” to the cookie!


On our lake trip we were super excited to be offered an evening of getting to out on the boat.  There’s just something so relaxing about riding around a lake on a boat.  We were asked if we wanted to tube, and we decided why not.  Jilly was pretty quick to convince, and liked it from as soon as the boat got going.  Just when I was ready to be done asking Nate over and over if he wanted to try, he said yes on what I had decided was my last attempt to offer him.  He loved it!  I’m so glad he was willing to do something that was outside his comfort zone and find out it was a lot of fun.

not sure there’s anything this girl wouldn’t try

love nate’s smile here!

when i climbed on to tube with brad, i told him i needed him to respect that i did not want to do any cookies.  of course he didn’t listen:




for the boy who didn’t want to tube at first, he got quite comfortable and brave about it

and, just to prove that although she wasn’t a fan of being in the lake, laurel was with us!



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