kids grow way too fast.  just blink and they’re bigger.

when i asked nate what he wanted to do with his last day before kindergarten started, he said that he wanted to do a play date with amara, asa, and jenni.  i was doubtful it would work out on such short notice, but lucky for us it did.

it’s been exactly 5 years since jenni called me to say that the Lord had put me on her heart as she did a 2am feeding of amara.  having never met me, she gave me a call, and we met soon afterwards at mimi’s cafe when amara was 2 months and nate was 5 months.

over the past five years, they have been irreplaceable friends for all of us.  i love that all three of my kids and all three of her’s are roughly the same age in go through the same stages together.

with nate and amara attending different elementary schools, we’ll have to get more creative with play dates from here on out, but i pray that they will always maintain a friendship.

although it took me way too much time i rummaged through computer files and found pictures of the two of them together throughout the years.  there are more i am sure, but it was fun for me to watch them grow up together through the pictures.

(tomorrow’s kindergarteners!!!)

(my first picture of them together)

in my quick run through of the thousands of pictures i take a year, i didn’t find any from august 2009 to august 2011.  😦  surely there have to be some.  although starting preschool on different days definitely lessened our playdates, surely there are some pictures that exist from that 2 year timeframe.



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