for being the sister who would freak out and throw a fit at leaving nate at preschool twice a week last year, this girl has apparently done a lot of growing up over the summer.  i was worried she would throw a tantrum when it was time to leave nate yesterday, but she did just fine.  she also waved goodbye to nate and daddy this morning like a champ.

although she’s stuck by my side pretty much the entire time nate is gone, she has done really well.  i have to say that i am enjoying some good one on one time with my middle kid.  lucky for her laurel take a good size morning nap from about 9-11:30 each morning which means she gets some good time of having me all to herself.  she is totally soaking in all the undivided attention.  this morning we went and played on the swingset, colored, and played babies.  she is such a laid back kid when there’s no sibling to compete with.  my hope is to be able to pour into her, in  the next several months while laurel continues her morning nap, like i’ve never felt i had the time to.


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