A, B, C, D, dsfjioauerjdfasrhadjoaier, and Z


One thing I’ve most been looking forward to in the amount of one-on-one time I now have with Jilly is the chance to finally work with her on several skills that I just haven’t had the time to work on yet.  Nate could recognize all of his upper and most of his lowercase letters shortly after turning 2.  (Jilly will turn 3 on Sunday and can sing her ABCs but doesn’t recognize them.)  He was an only child at the time, and it was so much easier to find time for such things.  Nate could also sit and work on such activities without losing interest for endless lengths of time.  After one short (10-15 minute) span of working with Jilly this morning, it became quickly apparent she is going to need a little more action in her learning.  I had to stop her more than once from raking all of the letters we were attempting to put in order off the magnetic board.  I’m hoping with some consistency of doing this type of thing with her each morning, that she’ll come to look forward to the time and actually maybe learn a thing or two from it.  🙂  I’m so super excited to finally have this chance with her!


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