“now, do we ever cut our own hair?” “no!” (hope this lesson sticks!)


i promise nate and laurel still exist, but this one’s going to be a jilly post once more.  that will make 5 of the most recent 6 be jilly posts – and i have yet to post her birthday picture yet either.

friday was a big day for jillian.  if we’re fb friends, you’ve heard the news and seen the pictures.  but i know there are a few of you out there that either don’t fb, or we aren’t connected on it.

two days prior to birthday number 3, miss jilly got her vevy first haircut.  other than the hairs which have fallen victim to hairbands and bows, we’ve never once cut her hair until this past friday.

she did amazingly well and loved every minute of it.  she had me go first, but she was more than happy to climb up into the “princess chair” when it was her turn.  krista was able to fulfill my request of “cleaning it up without really losing any length”.  (we’ve waited too long to get this far to just chop it off!)  as if jilly we’re already convinced that this was a great experience, krista asked if jilly wanted some sparkles in her hair when she was all done.  of course jilly would never say no to such an offer and got a light mist of glittery hairspray.


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