the best kinda exhaustion


every time family visits i’m wiped out for the next couple of days due to attempting to make the most of our time together.  being 10-12 hours from my fam is still not my idea of fun nor is it always easy.  it’s gotten easier in the 9 years i’ve lived in other states, but i’ll never enjoy not getting to be in arkansas with all the rest of the fam.

i was newly preggo with jilly the last time my older sister came to visit, and i was super excited for this visit to take place since it’d been so long.  it’s been attempted a couple of times in recent years, but it was never able to work out.

it was so, so fun to have mom, ginny, camryn, and henry here even if the time went by way too quickly.  there are a ton of pictures, but here are a few of my favorites:

{i love my grammy!}

{this girl is growing up way too fast!!}

{good to have grammy back!}

{wild man henry on wheels}

{nope, bud, still no mail}

{so glad my kids have a grammy who is this much fun!}

{her bounce u obsession}

{his bounce u obession}

{blue sand hands!}

{camryn the thinker}

{finally, some water at the spray park!}

{i promise, i won’t spray you, come closer}

{yup, we played as we were – clothed- since we didn’t know it’d been turned on}

{make a wish}

{so thankful for such amazing family!}


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