save the sister!


with laurel’s new found stair obsession, comes not only getting to hear her say “geh dah” (translation: get down), but also cries of “mom, help! she’s on the stairs again!”.

nate and jilly still have a very strong level of love for their littlest sister and are always very concerned for her safety.  (well, as long as you don’t count yesterday when jilly held open the door to the garage and let laurel fall down the 2 steps.)  when the gate has traveled back upstairs (most likely to keep jilly in her room until she fall asleep at night), nate and jilly can often be found making a human gate to keep her from going beyond the bottom two stairs.

luckily, laurel is pretty good with maneuvering up and down the stairs pretty well.  i do look forward to the day when she can walk up and down them with ease, and my days of worrying about tumbles down the stairs are done!


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