no need to hurry


i started attending bsf last week, and this week was the girls’ first time to come along with me.  they both transitioned into the new nursery setting with no trouble – which i was of course super thankful for!

when i headed back upstairs to retrieve the girls when we were done, my heart ached a little as a worker in laurel’s room asked me how old she was.  i replied that she was 11 months.  her response – wow!  she acts way more like a 1 1/2 year old!

with nater’s (and probably even jilly) this mostly would have put a huge smile on my face and make me beam with pride.

but, this is my baby.  my littlest.  the grand finale in our trio of kids.  the last thing i want is for it to all fly by – even though i already know it does and will continue to.

what the worker said is probably somewhat true – although 1 1/2 seems a stretch to me (maybe i’m just in denial).  she’s definitely taking cues from her big brother and big sister and picking up on learning thing quicker than the other two.

she’s starting to walk earlier than the biggers did, and she’s showing sign of being an early talker like her chatter box big sister.

slow down littlest.  slow down.


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