holding it together


i’ve countlessy chronicled on the blog regarding jilly mae’s hair’s lackadaisical (thanks spell check!) approach to growth.  although it still seems slow, it’s fun to have it at a length where I can actually do a little more than it.  we usually just opt for the quick and easy one small partial ponytail pulled back to keep it out of her face, but occasionally she’ll humor me to let me mess with it more.  who am i kidding?  i bribed her with a tv show.  we usually don’t have tv on the getting ready hours of the morning because we’d never get out the door on time, but this morning we found ourselves with a little extra time before heading out to bsf.

although my parting straight skills need major improvement (i’ll blame lack of a willing subject on which to practice) and my french braiding skills are a little on the loose side, what stood out to me is that they were still mostly holding together at lunchtime!!!  this is huge!  i attempted to do this to her hair this summer and we didn’t even make it an hour before they were falling out all over the place.  this is proof positive that although i find it hard to notice, her hair IS growing!  yay!!

and because she’s just too cute to take a picture of just the back of her head (and the fact that i knew i’d love the picture since she was wearing a blue shirt which makes her blue eyes pop all the more):

and, not to be left out, little miss lj has been known once or twice lately to be sporting a Pebbles-ish ponytail of her own (please look past her need for a kleenex).  i’ve been pleasantly surprise each time i’ve done one for her to see just how long the hair i collect together happens to be.  i’ll have to get a better shot soon.


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