a case of the mondays


usually i am a pretty pro-monday kinda gal.  i actually love ’em.  since most weekends are pretty busy for us, monday has always been such a nice relief.  prior to school starting this fall you would 9 times out of 10 find the kids and i hanging out in our jammies the entire monday long.  it’s the perfect reaction to an on the go weekend.  school has some what changed the pace of our daily life, and mondays are quite so laid back anymore.  i still tend to enjoy them though since the girls and i are able to maintain a pretty low-key monday existence.

then came today.

it’s bound to happen.  we’re all going to have one of “those” mondays from time to time.  i guess i had finally come back around in the rotations of handing out cases of the mondays.

i decided i would help myself out a bit by bathing the girls this morning since i knew brad had a meeting at cornerstone tonight.  only having one child to bathe tonight would definitely be easier than three.  laurel is first up so i can get her bathed and down for nap before needing to get her up in time for our stroll intense walk around walnut creek at 10.  all is great until i spy it.  i had let her have 3 toys in the tub, but now there were more than 3 objects in the tub.  yup.  poop in the tub.  every mom’s dream nightmare.  out of the tub comes laurel and out come the bottle of cleaner.  scrub tub.  (yay for a clean bathtub!)  refill and reinsert laurel for a second attempt at a bath.  transition to nap goes smoothly.  jilly is bathed with no extra drama.  yay for two clean girls.

fast-forward to lunch time.  laurel and jilly are both happily eating lunch.  i’ve just begun working on my sandwich.  jilly (as is her norm) announces that although she absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt had no need to go potty before lunch now must use the potty.  i send her off and add cheese to my turkey sandwich.  then screams of “mommmmyyyyy!”  i don’t even have to move to know what’s happened.  as i enter the bathroom, i find that yes, the contents of all 5 great lakes now reside in a puddle on the half bath floor.  jilly’s bath is now null and void.  i take the easy route and give her a baby wipes thorough wipe down and scrubbing.  jilly is now redressed and back at the table finishing lunch.  i soak up the great lakes and figure a clorox wipe floor scrubbing will have to do until naptime.  back to fixing my sandwich that by now i should have finished eating.

fast-forward to nap time.  you know, i’m thankful for my scrubbed tub.  after working through my bsf day 5, i decide it’s time to mop.  if i’m going to pull out the mop, i’m going to go ahead and mop the kitchen, dining, entryway, and the peed in bathroom.  i’d been wanting to mop yesterday and am now so thankful that i ran out of time before small group came over.  so, i mopped.  and felt good about now having mopped floor to go along with the scrubbed tub.

fast-forward to post dinner.  we hit fazoli’s for dinner.  in all my unplanned cleaning efforts, i forgot to pull anything out for dinner.  a nonchalant mention of fazoli’s to my fazoli loving family, and we had our minds made up.  (oh, and i decided to wash my van real quick between brad coming home and heading out for an early dinner since way too soon it’ll be time to pay for car washes once again.)  jilly always requests lemonade when getting a kids meal.  she’d had her milk at home already because she will only drink skim and most places serve 2%.  she never finishes her lemonade.  it always comes home with us.  (i think this is intentional.)  after the happenings of the day, i’m a little leery that next up might be nate getting sick and throwing up all over the carpet or furniture, well, because that would just fit in with how the day had gone.  then i hear a strange noise.  laurel is missing.  laurel is in the kitchen.  sitting in a big pool of lemonade holding a fazoli’s kid-size cup which had been left too close to the edge of the kitchen table that our littlest is now big enough to reach things placed close to the edge of.  yay.  now, a kid and a floor i’ve already washed today are both a sticky mess.  (can i crawl in bed yet?)  clean kid with baby wipes.  clean floor with clorox wipes.  pray that bedtime come very, very soon.

let’s hope my turn at a case of the mondays doesn’t come around again for a long, long time. (and that i don’t get awakened during the night to find vomit somewhere in the house!)

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