“but mom, a party has to have decorations and games – lots of games”


besides our little celebration for laurel’s birthday on her birthday, we had brad’s family over the following saturday to celebrate with them.  it’s always fun to get the cousins together – especially now that alex, kara, and julianna don’t seem to act as if we’re complete strangers any more.  🙂  much to nate’s disappointment, we kept it simple.  no fancy decorations.  no elaborate games.  (i promised him next year laurel would be more appreciative of decorations and games.)

{cake decorating is not my gift.  this cake was decorated through prayers and tears.  note to self: need to take cake decorating class before april 11th.}

{mom, what’s everyone singing about?}

{triplet table}

{the girl who doesn’t eat cake but insists on a piece each time to shred to tiny bits.}

{the boy who seems to have had a major case of the sillies lately – perfectly acceptable when celebrating a birthday though!}

{hey mom, isn’t it getting pretty close to bedtime?}

{6 littles = 1 big group of fun}

{umm, maybe it’s a hat.}

{sibling teamwork}


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