near perfection


for my birthday i got the best contraption from dave and kay.  see, since shortly after brad and i got married (9 years this month!) we have had a tradition of having pancakes for breakfast every saturday morning.  there have been very few exceptions over the years even if we’re away from home.  the kids absolutely love it.  they even get into keeping track of whether it is a chip (chocolate chip) or dip (syrup) week as we rotate back and forth most weeks (sometimes having chocolate chip pancakes 2 weeks a row because they’re just a smidge better).  in recent months we’ve also added in coloring the pancakes.  nate and jilly (laurel will want her turn too before long!) rotate back and forth weeks where they get to pick the color.  if there’s ever a dispute over who’s week it is, brad gets to pick the color.

this contraption/tool though makes mess free pancake pourage obtainable!  yay!  and as an added bonus it’s makes a great farting noise when empty that makes the kids just crack up laughing about.  😉

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