easier accessibility was her reasoning i’m sure


sometimes it just hard being out numbered.  with three kids, brad and i can easily find that that one is not getting the attention needed.  making pizza last week with nate and jilly proved to leave our littlest left to fend for herself in the entertainment department.  i should have known something was not good when she wasn’t hugging my leg and crying to picked up.  but no.  i was oblivious.  happy.  thrilled to have two free legs to walk about and help nate and jilly have guided fun as they put their pizza creations together.  then i walked around to the other side of the kitchen island:

with those big innocent eyes, it was hard not to laugh and give her a huge hug.  (especially since even the nicest “no” sends her into heaving sobs) apparently her thought those was, maybe if i avoid eye contact they’ll think i didn’t see them.  as she immediately returned to her fun.

and, not being one to waste nearly an entire brand new box of kleenex, we now pull a tissue from the ziplock bag on the counter.  hmmm, now where to keep the kleenex box. . .


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