Thanksgiving was a much anticipated break from school, work, and a getaway to the farm.  We all eagerly counted down as we waited for Wednesday the 23rd to roll around.  There was no rush to run out the door first thing to try to get there by a certain time, which allowed for a very peaceful getting everything ready.  (Always appreciated!!)

Brad and I were blessed that evening to be able to duck out for a couple of hours and celebrate our 9th anniversary at a restaurant in a nearby town.  It’s always nice to get out on our own!  We chatted about what kind of trip we might want to do to celebrate our 10th anniversary next year, and we’re excited about some of the ideas we talked about.

Thursday, Turkey Day, the Hands joined us with their crew.  It’s fun to see the 6 cousins big enough to interact and play together/alongside one another.  Even Laurel would march out to the office and join in with everyone playing out there.  The turkey and meal was great of course, and I stuck to just one helping.  I’ve always been one determined to not overfeed myself on Thanksgiving.  It was a gorgeous day so after some naps (and non-naps) we took the kids outside for some fun on the golf cart and four wheelers.

Friday Brad and I were blessed to get away again and go to the Husker game.  It’s always nice to be at one they win – it makes the ride home so much more bearable.  😉  After grabbing a quick, late lunch we headed back down to the farm to pick up the kids and head back home.

It’s so nice to be able to spend a few days away from home and still have a few days at home before the next work/school week rolls around!


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