CCS Christmas Program


This past weekend was a super busy one for us.  The highlight of it was certainly getting to go to the Christmas program at Cornerstone Christian School where Nate attends.  All of the kids from Kindergarten – 9th grade participated, and it was fun.  (Except for the fact that Jilly is 3 and sitting still is not her greatest strength.)  Nate’s class sang 4 songs along with the other Kindergarten class and the 1st grade class.

It was cute to watch his face when they first went up on the risers as he scanned the large, full room for us.  Unfortunately I don’t think he ever spotted us.  But, he was super excited to have not just us there but also Grandma and Grandpa Knorr and Ann and her family.

We’re definitely looking forward to the next time!

(Oh, and I might have been that mother who charged the video camera, but forgot to check if the disc was full.  Of course, if you don’t check it, it will most definitely be full.  Next time!)


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