more and more to see and do


Things have kept busy around here even as some of our fall activities have begun to wind down.  It’s nice to have a little more home time, and a few more days each week to move at our own chosen pace.  Somehow though, Laurel’s pace in growing up never seems to slow down.  At nearly 14 months she’s trucking right along with the milestones.

When she’s not busy re- or undecorating the Christmas tree, you might just find her:

– eating from plates and bowls rather than her highchair tray (lucky for us, she shows no interest in dumping them!)

– figuring out more and more things to do with the toy collection around the house (the magna doodle still seems to be the highly coveted toy around this house, whether 1, 3, or 5.  another one will be appearing at Christmas time!)

– oh, and we’ve discovered the wonderful world that is opened up with chair climbing (nate benefited from this discover as he now gets to have a LEGO table in his room)

There’s more she’s up to, but I’m too busy watching her like a hawk to snap pictures of it all.  Goodness, I love that littlest!)

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